There are 2 Tutor Books available plus Barb's Celtic Fiddle Tune Collection and Session Tune Selection.
There are 5 CDs: One to accompany Book 1 and four to accompany Book 2 - available for $20.00 each.
Book 3, Barb's Celtic Fiddle Tune Collection is in development (individual sheet music is supplied at lessons)

The tutor books form the basis of the lessons and are required for the appropriate level. Book 1 contains 40 and Book 2, 80 pages of instruction and music. They are spiral bound so they lie flat on a music stand. The material has been selected and arranged in a natural learning sequence based on my experiences as a fiddler and working with students.

Copyright 2013 Wes Bycroft
Tutor Books
Book 1: 41 pages + 30 tunes, $30.00
For the beginner

Music Notation
(Learning to play from music and playing by ear)
Getting Started (holding and playing the fiddle, fingering the notes in different keys, playing Celtic tunes in keys of C, G, D & A)
Book 2: 80 pages + 70 tunes, $50.00
Tunes and Ornamentation for a confident player

Tunes (Polkas Jigs Marches Slip Jigs Slides Hornpipes Reels Airs Strathspeys)
Ornamentation (Slides, Cuts, Cross bowing, Rolls, Triplets, Trebling, Rocking bow, Key changes, Phrasing, Vibrato, Double stopping etc)
Regional Irish and Scottish styles
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